A Guinness World Record : The World’s Longest Scuba Dive


Irish diver Paul Devane has smashed the Guinness World Record for the longest cold saltwater SCUBA dive in his second attempt.

Diving.ie reports that Devane set a time of 13 hours and 4 minutes off Killary in Co Galway on 9 October - breaking through the bar set by a Maltese team in February this year, who themselves broke the record set by Devane's brother Declan in 2009.

Speaking to the Irish Independent ahead of his successful second attempt, Devane said: "It will be cold, it will be long... There will be no breaks, no meals, no toilet stops."

Devane said his main aim was to raise money for his chosen charities Hang in Hand, supporting families of children with cancer, and the RNLI.



In 2009, Declan Devane set the first Guinness World Record for the “Longest Cold Salt-Water Scubadive” (open sea) and in doing so both he and the team raised over €35,000 for two children’s cancer charities

Declan set a time of 11hrs and 42mins without surfacing and without toilet breaks (unless that wasn’t water in his suit!).

In February of this year, 2012, a Maltese team broke this record, after their second attempt, by less than 1 hour.

This October 9th, Paul Devane (Declan’s ‘younger’ brother) will attempt to reclaim the record in aid of two important charities:

1. Hand in Hand (http://www.handinhand.ie/), the children’s cancer charity, a non-profit organisation that provides the families of children with cancer with much-needed practical support.

2. The RNLI (http://www.RNLI.ie/), the charity that saves lives at sea and which operates in both the U.K. and Republic of Ireland




There have been many world record attempts for the longest time spent underwater. This attempt however differs in a few important details from other underwater records that have been set.

What primarily sets this dive apart from others is the fact that the attempt will take place in open, cold sea (the Atlantic ocean off the west coast of Ireland). Unlike many tank/aquarium/pool dives, this dive take place in an uncontrolled natural environment and will expose the divers to the elements for a prolonged period.

Therefore, we are attempting to claim the Guinness World Record(tm) for the world's 'Longest open, cold saltwater SCUBA dive'.

'Officially' Guinness tell us that this record category is currently awaiting a successful claim and inform us that no claim of less than 24 hours will be accepted as the inaugural record........ without surfacing...and without the option of wee breaks!

We are diving in beautiful but cold Atlantic water (temperature will be less than 15 degrees centigrade) in noless than 11 metres at low tide and each of the two attempt divers (Declan and Paul) will not be permitted to break the surface of the water for the duration of the attempt. This calls for some standard and 'not so standard' equipment configuration all of which is detailed in 'the equipment' page.

The dive also allows us to publicize the need to protect our environment - the dive location is beautiful and we want to keep it that way. Not only do we want to prevent too much climate change, but also we'd like to preserve the quality of the water. To that end, we are advocating for changes to the common household products that everyone uses on a daily basis. Be aware of what you send down the drain - chemicals in toothpaste, low cost dish soap, and laundry detergents etc. Always use biodegradable products, and use them all sparingly. If you purchase in bulk, buy from a reputable wholesaler. Make sure that the cleaning products you use are safe for the environment - the water we dive in is counting on you.




We are motivated to take on the Guinness World record for the longest open sea water scuba dive in memory of Cillian Devane, who died of a brain tumour on the 6th February 2009 at 2 years of age. 

Cillian was so beautiful, so full of life, full of hope, promise and unfilled dreams. Anyone who met Cillian will know that their lives changed for the better by knowing him. 

We hope that our efforts and peoples generosity will, together, honour Cillian’s memory, as well as all the children who suffer serious illness, and to help raise funds for the Children’s Ward at Beaumont Hospital where Cillian died and for CDs Helping Hands. 

Thank you Cillian for being in our lives and for the blessing you will always be. We will never forget you sweetheart.




The Guinness World Record™ for the world’s ‘Longest open saltwater SCUBA dive’ will take place in Scubadive West.

Scubadive West is Ireland’s most perfectly located PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) scuba dive centre. The centre is idyllically situated on the sheltered Killary Fjord (the only Fjord in Ireland or the UK), which is 10 miles long with high mountains on either side and 40m depth in the middle.

Scubadive West is Ireland’s all-weather dive centre, with sheltered diving all year round. The dive centre is owned and managed by Cillian & Breffni Gray. Indeed, so ideal is their location that many other dive schools complete their training dives at Scubadive West.

As a PADI 5 Star IDC Training centre and National Geographic dive centre, Scubadive West can conduct all levels of training from Discover Scuba Diving (beginners can try a dive) to Instructor level. Scubadive West is also blessed with it’s own private training cove. This is perfect for training dives and for those looking to refresh their dive skills.

Ireland’s West coast, the most Westerly in Europe, is washed by the mild Gulf Stream which brings with it an abundance of colourful marine life. The highly indented nature of the coastline and the many offshore islands, provide sheltered and varied scuba diving with dramatic seascape and crystal clear waters.

Visitors will find plenty of accommodation locally in Tullycross, Letterfrack, Leenane and Clifden.